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FAST Limiter plugin and FAST Bundle

Perfect your tracks and create release-ready music with FAST Limiter — the powerful AI plugin that keeps you creating. Use AI to get a solid foundation, then dive deeper to take your mix even further by adjusting Gain, Saturation, and Resonance.

FAST Limiter

  • FAST View keeps you in the creative flow and quickly adjust Bass, Resonances, Saturation, and Transients settings to get the most out of your mastering.
  • Detailed view presents you with the full controls for FAST Limiter. Use the powerful AI to get a solid foundation and move on to use settings like Gain, Limit, and Speed to adjust the limiter and volume output.
  • Recreate the sonic characteristics of your favourite tracks with Reference Mastering and adjust the parameters in Detailed view to achieve your desired sound.
  • Choose between three unique Flavours — Modern, Neutral, or Aggressive — to instantly change how FAST Limiter influences your track’s sound.
  • With FAST Limiter’s unique and intuitive visualiser you will see how the plugin shapes your sound with it responding to changes in real time. Make quick, well-informed decisions, and create professional results that are ready to be heard by the world.

FAST Bundle

The FAST range has been designed to keep musicians in the creative flow, so they can focus on making music. The powerful AI will adapt the settings to their voice and instruments so that they can achieve great sounding results, instantly. The FAST Bundle includes: FAST Compressor, FAST Equaliser, FAST Reveal, FAST Verb, and notably, FAST Limiter.

Over 60% off for Focusrite and Novation customers for a limited time

To celebrate the introduction of FAST Limiter, The Collective are offering a huge discount for FAST Bundle, which includes the latest addition to the range. All Focusrite and Novation registered hardware customers can take advantage of the exclusive discount redeemed through their Focusrite customer account.

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