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We are missionaries of quality music instruments (MI) and professional audio, light, stage equipment (PRO) and as well brands from home audio (HiFi) segment. Rock Distribution represents many MI and PRO brands in the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We strive to offer the best and most innovative products in the market at a competitive price.

Our state-of-the-art dealer platform allows seamless API integrations and easy order placement and forecasting. Together with well organised and brand focused marketing strategy the company is very well positioned to represent values of each of many brands in our portfolio.

Rock Distribution was founded in 2008 and is now recognised as an open-minded company tailoring solutions for every client’s individual needs. Our team at Rock Distribution shares passion for music and other performing arts. We work to share that passion with our clients – retailers and rental companies, or those requiring sound and stage equipment installation, i.e., theatres, performing arts centers, restaurants, government institutions, and the list is growing.

For the last decade Rock Distribution has also been recognized as a high profile system integrator for performing arts venues, corporate environment as well as hospitality and entertainment sector.