Founded in Berlin in 1999, 2024 sees ADAM Audio celebrate 25 years of creating high precision studio monitors.

ADAM Audio 25th Anniversary


With an ever-growing number of the most prestigious studios around the world owning and using ADAM Audio monitors, a wealth of glowing media reviews, and a consistent stream of artist and user praise, ADAM Audio monitors are now among the most dependable and desirable audio recording and production tools available.

ADAM Audio has prepared a special competition in order to celebrate the anniversary massively.


  • Compose a short soundtrack (max. 30 seconds) for the picture above. You can download the full-resolution image here to use it as a thumbnail.
  • Upload your finished soundtrack to your own Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Soundcloud, or YouTube account (if you don’t have one, do not worry, it is free and easy to set up!).
  • Please remember the title of your song must include the hashtag #soundtrackcompetition2024
  • Complete the small form below to finally enter the competition. Important: Your entry is only officially valid by completing and sending this form!

For more information, please refer to the Additional Information section below.


  • 1st Prize: 2 x Limited ADAM Audio A7Vs in arctic white
  • 2nd Prize: 2 x Limited ADAM Audio A4Vs in arctic white
  • 3rd Prize: ADAM Audio 25th Anniversary Merch Pack


On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, ADAM Audio is offering a limited edition run of the A4V studio monitors in arctic white.. A restricted quantity of these two nearfield monitor models from the award-winning A Series, featuring a decadent high-gloss arctic white finish, will be available from July 2024 through selected official ADAM Audio retailers worldwide as well as the ADAM Audio webstore.

The limited edition A4V and A7V studio monitors have the full specifications of their original counterparts, including the Sonarworks integration that facilitates automated room correction and an extendable 5-year warranty offer. The arctic white finish is sure to stand out in any studio, or in home audio systems where the traditional black finish does not suit the room.

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70dB Gain Range
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Mic & Headphone Connectors
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Auto Gain
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Mute Button
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Onboard Voice Presets
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Easy Start

A Series - Built To Reveal

The ADAM Audio A Series delivers highly accurate, transparent sound across a full line of monitors that can be controlled remotely and in real time. Comprising five models, the A4V, A7V, A44H, A77H and A8H are the right fit for an array of professional and home studios—as well as broadcast, fixed-installation, 3D, immersive, and home audio environments.

Innovations such as rotatable HPS waveguide technology, and DSP-based room correction and voicings enable you to tune speakers for your room and your ears. Upgradable firmware allows these monitors to evolve, so you can continue to capitalize on future innovations from ADAM Audio. An extended 5-year warranty offer plus post-warranty support ensure these monitors will continue to perform at their best for many years to come.

Automated Room Correction with Sonarworks

ADAM Audio and Sonarworks have worked side-by-side to deliver a pioneering integration that runs directly on A Series monitors. This negates the need for an additional DAW plugin, simplifying workflows and ensuring that your studio monitors are always using a calibrated filter regardless of the audio source or type. It also means that you do not need to worry about your audio source, as the calibration is taking place directly on the monitor’s embedded platform.

ADAM Audio 25th Anniversary