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True benefits of Audient iD44

A story of Audient and the Smiths family who also tours as ‘Naked Blue‘ duo playing our own songs and are booking limited shows due to the pandemic.

Scott Smith and his wife Jennifer Ferguson Smith had the unusual pleasure of collaborating with best-selling novelist – and sometime musician – Lee Child. The outcome was Just The Clothes On My Back, a collection of songs about Child’s long-running fictional character, Jack Reacher. Performed by them, the album was recorded and produced in their home studio.

Avoiding the term ‘engineer’ as it “sounds too tech-y to be part of a creative venture”, Scott describes himself as a musician/songwriter/producer “in that order specifically”. He has however been very hands-on in the studio from early on in his musical career and has recently added an iD44 to his setup, which already included the legacy Audient product Mico, a 2-channel microphone preamp. Audient catches up with him to find out more.

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