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The new series of LINEAR 9 loudspeaker systems brings together the latest in audio technology and the evolved needs of professional audio companies.

These user requirements are reflected in every detail of the new LINEAR 9 family: high-grade speaker components, custom-designed acoustic transformers and horns, birch multiplex enclosures with PU coating, latest generation class-D power amps, high-performance digital controllers, advanced networkability, professional PowerCon adaptors and the manufacturing in St. Wendel (Germany) sum up to an extraordinarily efficient and value-preserving alternative in its class.

The flagship model of the new LINEAR 9 family is the 210 LTA, a fully integrated and scalable constant curvature point source speaker with exceptional long throw abilities. Based on the proprietary HK AUDIO transformer design method, the Multicell Transformer provides an accurate 60° x 25° sound dispersion above 1.35 kHz and can easily be rotated by 90°. The LINEAR 9 210 LTA delivers stunning results when used individually for pinpoint coverage of even distant areas or as a horizontal cluster in large venues, tents or open-air events. The 210 LTA also offers various options for groundstacking and rigging.

Equipped with the same DSP controller as the 210 LTA, the LINEAR 9 110 XA and 112 XA models are remarkably compact multi-functional loudspeakers designed to serve perfectly the daily changing requirements of professional sound companies: as low-profile stage monitors, as a small FOH solution on a tripod, as front fills, flown in a rig or as mid-high units in combination with subwoofers.

The LINEAR 9 family is completed by two high-profile subwoofers, each providing a highly effective but easy-to-use cardioid functionality. The 118 Sub A combines a well-defined bass foundation with the utmost compactness and transportability. Its bigger brother, the 118 Sub BA, features a band-pass design for an extended bass range and a higher SPL. The two subwoofers are tuned so that they can be used together without any problems.

All LINEAR 9 loudspeakers share the same type of digital controller. It provides a catalogue of remote control functions such as grouping, volume control, 10-band EQ, Limiter, Delay and full networkability (Controller software available for MacOS and Windows). The ‘DSP-OUT’ on every LINEAR 9 model is an exclusive feature enabling loudspeakers without built-in controllers, such as the LINEAR 5 series, to be fully integrated in a LINEAR 9 network.

“Our goal was to create the most efficient and most economical audio tools for the daily changing needs of audio professionals – and after two years of extensive development we reached this point!” says Lars Reime, product manager for HK AUDIO’s professional division. “Based on the latest technologies, an uncompromising selection of components, a thoroughly thought-out spectrum of applicability and not least on its German-built quality, we found a strong answer to the demands of forward-thinking audio companies looking for reliable, versatile, future-proof and highly economical tools delivering first-class acoustic results.”

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