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OC16 large-diaphragm condenser microphone

With the OC16, Austrian Audio introduces a brand-new microphone in the "Open Condenser" large-diaphragm series equipped with Open Acoustics technology.

With the OC16, Austrian Audio introduces a brand-new  microphone in the "Open Condenser" large-diaphragm series equipped with Open Acoustics technology. The transparent and natural sound of OC microphones, which has been highly praised by the press and users, is the result of the combination of the patented CKR capsule and the "Open Acoustics" design approach developed by Austrian Audio.

The OC16 has an extremely robust build-quality and is equipped with the CKR6 ceramic capsule - handmade in Vienna. Inspired by the sonic qualities of a much-loved microphone legend, our engineers focused on technological advancement and innovation when developing the CKR capsule. Newly available materials such as industrial ceramics are used: A highly insulating material that has the same mass and acoustic characteristics as the brass originally used, but at the same time, is far less error-prone in production and therefore more consistent for manufacture and product longevity and stability.  
Each and every one of these handmade CKR capsules is tested and measured in-house before leaving the factory.

Austrian Audio's proprietary "Open Acoustics" technology eliminates acoustic interference, such as unwanted reflections and standing waves, within the microphone. The result is the well-known, open and natural Austrian Audio OC sound. In addition to the CKR capsule and the Open Acoustics technology, the OC16 microphone delivers with further aspects and features.

Low-cut / High Pass Filter

40Hz to eliminate the lowest interference frequencies.
160Hz to counteract the so-called 'proximity effect' - a bass boost that occurs when the microphone is positioned very close to the sound source.

Design and weight

The microphone's flat design in combination with a low weight allows miking and precise alignment even in hard-to-reach places.

Elastic capsule suspension

The CKR capsule is suspended in the microphone at three elastic points. This keeps interference from structure-borne noise to a minimum, making it possible to use the microphone without a suspension stand. Ideal for suspending the OC16 from a cable in front of a guitar amplifier, for example (note: lock the XLR connector and ensure that the cable strain relief is intact).

High sound pressure compatibility

The OC16 can tolerate sound pressure of up to 148 dB SPL and can therefore be used without risk of distortion even in front of very loud sound sources. No matter whether brass instruments, loud percussion instruments or directly on the guitar amplifier - the OC16 will always capture the signal cleanly.

All these aspects make the OC16 an extremely flexible all-rounder and allow it to be used on a wide variety of instruments: From drums to electric and acoustic guitars, pianos, wind and string instruments to vocals. Additionally the OC16 cuts a perfect profile at the desk: podcast recordings, live streamings, dubbing of video content or even online conferences - all this now created with the best speech intelligibility and quality. The very precise cardioid polar pattern helps to suppress background noise, such as computer fan noise, effectively. The OC16 all-rounder microphone is delivered in a practical soft case including an elastic spider suspension. The OC16 sets new standards with its unbeatable price/performance ratio.

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