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KALI Audio IN-8 V2

This new version of the IN-8 replaces the original version in their lineup, and utilizes their 2nd Wave technology platform to realize substantial performance improvements. These include 12 dB lower self-noise, more robust DSP for a smoother tuning, lighter transducers, and improved construction processes for better cosmetic longevity.

Like the IN-5, the IN-8 uses a coaxial mid-range and tweeter, complemented by a spatially separated woofer. In both systems, the crossover point between the woofer and the concentric midrange/tweeter drivers makes the monitors acoustic point sources. This configuration eliminates spatial separation of the high frequency and low frequency elements, giving the monitors a highly detailed soundstage. The midrange driver also unburdens the woofer and tweeter, allowing for substantial system-wide improvements in total harmonic distortion.

Nate Baglyos, Kali’s Director of Marketing, says: “The 2nd Wave Version of the IN-8 takes our already celebrated flagship speaker and adds all of the improvements that we’ve been able to realize with further research and development. We’ve eliminated the problem of self-noise and made significant headway in terms of system distortion. Acoustically, I feel confident that the 2nd Wave IN-8 is worthy of consideration alongside monitors several times its cost.”

The IN-8 is powered by a 140W Class D amp with 60W going to the woofer, and 40W each going to the midrange and tweeter. Boundary EQ settings, like those found on Kali’s Lone Pine monitors, are accessible on the back of the speaker, along with a quick reference guide printed directly onto the speaker itself. New for the 2nd Wave version is a boundary EQ for using the speaker horizontally on console bridges to improve sightlines.

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