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Audient Nero at Barefoot Recording: “masterful at what it does”

A couple of months ago, songwriter, producer and mixer Mike Pepe was in the market for a studio monitor controller for his Studio C – part of Barefoot Recording (formerly Crystal Industries) and got himself an Audient Nero.

Mike has a long list of rock/pop audio engineering credits, including Taking Back Sunday, As It Is and Sydney Sprague and spent a while looking for a desktop monitor controller with a decent feature set that didn’t sacrifice fidelity. Nero fit the bill exactly. He describes it as “masterful at what it does. High quality audio with all the options I want in a little sturdy box that can sit right in the studio and not be in the way. I love the assignable headphone sends and all the routing options it has. Also it’s a completely transparent box that feeds my monitor setup which is all I want!”

Mike Pepe's NERO studio monitor controller

Whilst Nero was his main requirement, Mike also mentioned that he was after a quick and easy, travel-friendly audio interface. Specifically for his mobile rig, for when he’s doing production or recording work away from his main setup at Barefoot Recording. Audient’s Tim Jones was quick to recommend the EVO 8 audio interface. This turned out to be an instant hit! “It’s been just awesome,” he says.

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