As well as having provided sound for all of the usual major events since the advent of the WST® line sources in 1992, today L-Acoustics®’ systems add their sonic signature to numerous installations in theatres, convention centers, sport arenas, houses of worship and amusement parks. Following the recent Winter Olympic Games ceremonies in Sochi featuring the new K2 line source system and all other prestigious references, the 250 employees of L-GROUP® would like to thank the world-wide community of users and the Certified Providers present in 60 countries for the trust and commitment they have shown in L-Acoustics ®. 


Official website: http://www.l-acoustics.com/


With German engineering, decades of experience in professional business, and innovative science, Sennheiser stay true to the sound and set new standards for headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated systems.

Sennheiser headphones, microphones and all-round audio solutions, company's reliable service, and committed staff have been enthusiastically received by our customers all over the world. Whether the customers are artists, disc jockeys, pilots, scientists, sound technicians or demanding music-lovers the Sennheiser name always stands for premium products, the ultimate in sound quality and undistorted listening enjoyment.


Official website: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/


EVE Audio is a loudspeaker manufacturer from Berlin, Germany. It was founded and is owned by Roland Stenz, a long time enthusiast for quality audio and with a long background history in the audio industry. Company looks at its production as an integrated system that evolves through several different stages: concept, design, manufacturing, and testing, and re-testing, until the final quality is achieved.

Eve Audio team use their products themselves. They listen to their customers, business partners and care about after-sales support.

With EVE Audio, there will always be one thing that you can be sure about. You'll never be made to feel that you're buying "just a product". You will be the final link in the chain of endless hours of precision engineering.


Official website: http://www.eve-audio.com/


Music & Lights mission is to develop technical knowledge and innovation in order to guarantee creative solutions in the field of AVL high-tech solutions through a dynamic and young organization able to take on market evolution on a global level. Company takes pride in being the world reference company for the distinctive solutions it offers. Thanks to the creative technologies proposed, it adds value. A particular attention is given to  quality, proficiency, and dedication to our customers.

Its proprietary brands DAD, ProLights, ArchWork, ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE, each one related to specific market profiles and professional, offer the best options and performances available nowadays.


Official website: http://www.musiclights.it/


The company Winwood is founded in 2008 to manufacture machinery for stage - pulleys, winches, stage curtain mechanisms, fasteners.

The operation of the company is based on long therm practical experience in the field of design and construction of stage mechanisms. Its primary goal is to offer the best value for money ratio for our products. Though, Winwood does not allow compromise in product quality and technical reliability.

Modern methods, technologies and software are used in product design and manufacture. In the field of stage mechanism technologies an individual approach to each project is very important, therefore in designing the products company ensures them to be easily applied to a variety of requirements of the customer. Winwood products are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant standards and bear CE mark.

Official website: http://www.winwood.lv/


Bricasti Design is a small, Massachusetts-based electronics company, specialising in high-end digital products. The company is known for producing following products: M7 Reverb, M10 Remote, M7M Reverb, M1 Stereo DAC, M28 Amplifier.

While the firm doesn’t have much heritage to brag about – it’s only been around since 2004 – the people who founded the company certainly do, having worked for high-end giants such as Lexicon and Mark Levinson.


Official website: http://www.bricasti.com/

HK Audio

Over the course of the past twenty years, the name HK AUDIO® has become synonymous in Europe with live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality. Made in Germany, these systems are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision - the aspiration to deliver perfect sound.

Engineers specializing in acoustics, analog and digital electronics, and mechanics work hand in hand, collaborating with experienced live sound engineers, musicians and a musicologist who adapts the sound of every HK AUDIO® product to suit human auditory physiology.


Official website: http://hkaudio.com/


Audix commenced in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry. Year after year Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value.

Audix is determined to push the limits of technology. From concept to completion, their on-site research and development team combine with an in-house manufacturing facility, enable Audix to proudly provide products designed at company's Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters. Audix continues to evolve as they strive to provide customers with products that exceed expectations.


Official website: http://www.audixusa.com/index_13.shtml


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. (YCAS) provides a full line of integrated professional audio products offering complete system solutions for the broadcast, sound reinforcement/installed sound, touring, commercial recording, and post production markets. YCAS offers comprehensive in-house and field product training for its customers, a dedicated dealer network, and 24/7 technical support.


Official website: http://yamahacommercialaudiosystems.com/


Starting in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers, the Los Angeles, California-based ADJ Group has grown into a diversified global enterprise that includes five successful companies: American DJ, Elation Professional Lighting, Acclaim Lighting, American Audio and Global Truss. Collectively, these companies provide lighting, audio and staging products for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theatre productions, TV shows, cruise ships, churches, trade shows, architectural applications and more.


Official website: http://www.adj.com/


Stage Tec, full name “Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik GmbH“, is an independent company, based in the German capital Berlin, specialising in the design and manufacture of digital audio technology. The main products are the routing systems, NEXUS and NEXUS STAR, and the professional mixing consoles AURUS, CRESCENDO, AURATUS, ON AIR 24 and ON AIR flex.

Stage Tec is recognised as one of the leading pioneers in the age of transition from analogue to digital audio technology and has set new benchmarks thanks to continuous research and development.


Official website: http://www.stagetec.com/en/


Line 6 are musicians and technologists. They're fanatics about engineering innovative, amazing-sounding gear that's ready to go right out of the box. And they're pros who have a track record of designing category-defining products that shatter technical barriers so you can focus on your music.

Line 6 introduced the world’s first digital modeling amp. And they're the ones behind the groundbreaking POD® multi-effect that revolutionized the industry with an easy way to record guitar with great tone. Their Variax® guitars can do more than any other instrument in history, and they led the wireless analog-to-digital transition for musicians everywhere. And they haven't stopped. Recent breakthrough innovations like the StageScape® live sound workstation, StageSource® loudspeakers and AMPLIFi amp make music creation even better by incorporating powerful technology like iOS, the cloud, digital networking and more.


Official website: http://line6.com/


Schulz Kabel is an important address for cables and accessories in the music line of business. Since 1985 company has a lot of satisfied customers. In Germany it is one of the prefered producers and whole salers in this special field. With a systematic work of development and a high flexibility company’s team works on innovative solutions. By that way it checks new materials to secure the high quality.

The unequivocally vantages of Schulz Kabel company, which are mirroring in the multiface of the products, are a high level of quality, the kindness to the enviroment and in the attractive proportionality of price and productivity. Specially for the musician sector Schulz Kabel is known as a producer of a big assortment of different cables and accesories.

Official website: http://www.schulz-kabel.de/


The B&K Braun GmbH was founded in 1977 and today, with more than 50 employees, it is one of the leading wholesalers in Germany and Europe.

Company’s brands: Global Truss, Ehrgeiz, ignition, Sirus Pro, Varytec, Kapego.

Additional top brands in company’s range: GLP, G-LEC, LAX, DJ POWER, LPS, Green Hippo and more.


Official website: http://bkbraun.com/